Gas Safety Certificate Edinburgh


Gas Safety Certificate in Edinburgh

It’s very important to check boilers and central heating systems that are gas fuelled, and our experience as one of the leading heating and plumbing providers in the Edinburgh and Lothian area means that we have the skills necessary to carry out these inspections to the highest standard.

If your gas fuelled appliances are left un-serviced, it could pose many risks, such as potentially leaking deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Gas Safety Inspections in Edinbugh

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, have the experience and accreditations necessary to carry out thorough and extensive gas safety inspections for your gas fuelled boilers and heating systems throughout Edinburgh and the Lothian area.

Full inspections on all equipment that use gas is a legal requirement and important to on-going safety. Our expert engineers are there to ensure that regulations are met and will perform full system tests and ventilation checks.

So contact us today for a free quote and to arrange your gas safety inspection – 01312616838