Kitchen Plumbing Edinburgh


If you need a plumber for your kitchen in Edinburgh, then Plumber Edinburgh can help. Kitchen plumbing problems are common and tend to focus around the sink. Our engineers will be able to accurately diagnose and repair the problem. Washing powder deposits from your washing machine or even grease and fat deposits can build up which can collect and then form a blockage.

Plumbing issues in the kitchen tend to focus around the sink. The pipe from the kitchen sink gets clogged because dirty washing up water is full of grease and debris, which can then collect and thus form a blockage.

Tips / Advice to avoid a blockage

Just following some of these simple methods can help you avoid a blockage in the future. By using a simple strainer over the plughole can help keep big pieces of debris from being washed down the pipe. Running hot water straight after you have done the washing up helps break up any greasy deposits that may have formed. Also pouring a cup of vinegar down the pipe, for e.g once a month, will also help keep the pipe flowing freely. Proprietary drain cleaners or soda crystals can also help shift a stubborn blockage.

Of course sometimes solid objects will be washed down the sink by accident, and in most kitchens the U-bend underneath the sink can be simply removed, cleared and washed, and put back in place with no more complicated equipment than a bucket and a wrench.

If you have a dishwasher, get into the habit of checking the salt and rinse aid regularly, and also clean the food trap at least once a week. Not only will this help to keep the dishwasher working efficiently; it will also prevent bad odours from developing.

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