Plumbing Repairs Edinburgh

plumbing_repairs_edinburghWe at plumber Edinburgh carry out all types of plumbing and heating repairs from a small job for example changing a washer to much larger jobs such as bathrooms kitchens or full house refits ,

if you’re not sure if we carry out your needs then just call us.

Edinburgh has some of the oldest houses in the UK and with being so old they still have old pipes and old problems, but luckily we have trained from day one in the Edinburgh area, this gives us a major advantage over our competitors.

So if you problem is needing resolved then call us, even if the repair is a lead pipe, we will sort it out for you!

Toilet problems!? No problem!

We carry almost every spare type of washer for all repairs if I see a washer that I don’t recognise then I will find it on the internet and purchase 10. this has gave us a good stock, We actually have other plumbers calling us for some parts this is because the guys at the plumbing shops tell them that we carry a lot of spares.

Please don’t  hesitate to ask us about any repair we know most houses and most of there faults.

Call us today for any of your plumbing or heating needs – 01312616838